God wants us to do right


Two days before Christmas, in Van Nuys, a bicyclist was struck down by a motorist who fled the scene. On New Year’s eve he succumbed to his injuries. On Friday a ghost bike memorial appeared at the crash site.  Followed on Sunday by the appearance of a separate appeal to the driver or a witness to come forward.  A long shot, destined to annoy the neighbors with its implicit indictment? Or the exertion of a sublime faith in one’s fellow man?  Ours is a pocket neighborhood, with no thru-traffic. Occam’s Razor suggests anyone driving down Burnet St. at 7am on a Monday morning most likely lived or had business here. Naturally, asking someone to voluntarily own up to a manslaughter charge they have escaped, compounded by the felony of leaving the scene of a crime….is a tall order. Maybe that’s where the God part comes in.