Lost! Black Kitten!


No matter how bad/annoying/bloating/unhappy your Thanksgiving was, alternatively, you could be living on pavement under a tarp in the shadow of Living Spaces.  The locus of your holiday concern could involve getting the cat back.

How many people live under that tarp?  How many kittens?  What happened at 6 PM, when someone’s back was turned?  We called the number, but it was disconnected.

There was a shirtless man waist high in the tarps this afternoon. He told me someone did find the kitten,  across the street at the gas station, then took her home to his apartment.  When he saw the signs, he told the squatters he would bring her back.  When he got home from work, the cat had escaped again and was roaming his apartment complex at Valerio and Lennox..

The Tarp Man is going to put up some new signs, near where the cat was last seen.

“God be with you,” I told him.

“God is always with me,”  he replied.

He wore a ring on his wedding finger.

Now let’s all enjoy our third piece of leftover pie.

Three scenes of Thanksgiving Eve


Queueing up for ham, Toluca Lake.


Abandoned shopping carts, Target, Burbank.


Stray dog, Sherman Oaks. I followed him for miles, across busy boulevards and between cars until he disappeared through a hole in the chain link fence at the Fashion Square parking lot and down into the shrubbery along the 101 freeway. This is as close as I got to him. He reminded me of a dog I once loved.