Won’s Coffee Shop


A topic of passing fascination: the down market old school establishment which manages to stay in business as an old school establishment while conceding nothing to modern taste, or a retro  makeover, and lacking the patronage of a hipster clientele a la the Dresden Room.  I thought they might be getting away with it as a front for massage parlor profits,  but at 3 pm on a Tuesday it was doing a brisk business in chow mein, conducted by a James Ellroy character who barked at cook and customer alike and slapped greasy plastic-lined menus on the counter. Interior matches expectations.

Lawrence’s contraption



If you frequent the Orange Line bike path or LA Fitness on Sepulveda, you may have seen him before. He sleeps in an old RV parked on the street. By day, he pulls his….lawn chair/rolling pallet around Van Nuys with his menagerie of dogs. Some ride, others trail alongside. There used to be five. Now there’s four.   Women bring him dog food.  And money.  He doesn’t panhandle. The contraption does the work for him.